All About 3d Pens

At first glance a 3D pen has everything in common with a classic pen: A long and fine part to catch pen and a pointed part to write. However, unlike a conventional pen that uses ink, 3D pens use plastic to make creations with volume!

A lot of questions have to be raised in your head about the difficulty of using such a pen and if it is even useful to anything … The answer is yes: The good 3D pens give you the impression of using a pen real pen or pencil, you have the same grip and so do not have to change your habits. The utility of the pen only depends on you then, people use them most often to “draw” or carve I should say, however once hardened the plastic is relatively stable and can be used for practical applications: For example you can imagine having broken/lost this small piece that would close the shell of your phone, you can reproduce it identically or even customize it!

How do 3D pens work?
As you can see, the 3D pen uses plastic in place of the ink, you insert a plastic filament (There are two types) at the end of the pen, and it heats the filament to melt it. Once the plastic is liquid, it can come out at the other end of the pen so that you can shape as you wish. The big plus is that you can use it on any surface.

To change the color, the used filament is removed to make another color of its choice. I dream of a multi-color 3D pen a bit like a 4-color pen, but I do not think I’ll see it soon.

Does this remind you of something? You have to be handyman then because the principle of the 3D pen has been inspired by the “glue guns” used for years. The 3D pens are obviously much more precise, and the manufacturers make it a point of honor to look after the design of their product so that it corresponds to you at best.

If you are wondering what it is possible to do with a 3D pen, it is because you have not yet understood the immense creative power of this object. Just as with a pencil the uses are as diverse as multiple: making jewelry in 3D, building a figure of a character, building a pencil holder, repairing a small part of a system or even personalizing his phone/computer.

3D Pencil Buying Guide
Before purchasing a 3D pen, you will first need to familiarize yourself with its operating principle and its use. The operating mode changes between each brand and even between two generations of pens of the same brand. Between the choice of filaments and the design of the pen, there are plenty of variables to take into account to make the right choice. The latest 3D pens come out more and more like true ink pens becoming more and more fine and more precise. 3Doodler, for example, uses plastic filaments that allow drawing in the air. The history of 3D pens is still young, and it is certain that they will still evolve a lot. Make sure you check the user reviews before buying a 3d pen.
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The first 3D pen was launched on Kick Starter; this is the first 3Doodler model replaced by the new version today. The success of project funding then created a wave of similar projects with people who wanted to improve the concept at all levels. This is how LIX appeared with the promise of a “mini” pen still in development for years … The manufacturers are therefore not always honest and choosing 3D pen is still complicated in a market still stammering when ‘one is not familiar with the field.

The primary purpose of 3D pens is to draw 3D artistic objects or not. For this purpose, molten plastic is used which it makes possible to construct objects in relief; the principle remains the same: We heat the plastic to melt it and lay it in the way we choose to build an object. The characteristics of the product may however vary and how to use it with, let’s see together these additional features:

The type of control: The performance of the 3D pen can be improved with the temperature and speed control of the 3D pen. Indeed, by modifying the flow velocity, it is possible to spend more time on precise details and less time on the repetitive parts of the drawing. The temperature setting makes it possible to modify the overall experience of using the 3D pen; this allows creating new more realistic textures for your 3D drawings. This kind of smart controls are what is missing today’s pens, and I’m sure about what the builders will be making improvements to in future releases of 3D pens. check 3d Pens buyers-guide and best 3d pens for the money
The design: The design of the 3D pen may seem to be an unattractive item to look for when buying and yet it is one of the most important parameters of your purchase! Indeed the shape and the materials used to manufacture the 3D pen will not only influence its look but also its performance. In fact, a thin and light pen will be much easier to handle and use to make drawings more precise and detailed. The first generation of 3D pens was a bit complicated with their exaggerated size and weight, but today it is possible to find very fine and light 3D pens such as LIX smart pen or 3Doodler 2.0.
The type of filament: As you know there are different types of plastics usable when drawing in 3D: ABS and PLA. These 2 types of plastic have different melting temperatures and are used differently (the difference in more detail below). However, both types of plastic are not the only variants of filaments that can be found. There are dozens today and the easier they are to use (Easy filament change) the more they are appreciated. There are four broad categories of filaments: Standard, Flexible, Composite and Specialized.
The brand: Although it is necessary to look at the models, in particular, it is interesting to be interested in different brands also. 3Doodler is the pioneer of the 3D pen, and they have a certain technological lead over other companies on the market. Scribbler offers a 6-month warranty to put all its confidence in the product. The LIX brand is one of the most innovative, constantly testing new concepts. When a new high-tech product of this kind appears it is often copied by unscrupulous Chinese companies on quality. So yes we find 3D pens less than 50 €, but I advise against them in general …
Customers’ opinions: We live in a great time that allows us to communicate in an instant via the internet, why not take advantage of it to choose your 3D pen? People who have purchased 3D pens on Amazon often leave a customer review to give their opinions on. It is interesting to look at the average notes to get an idea of ​​the performance of the 3D pen. Be careful though not to fall into the trap of customer reviews: 3D pens are completely new and never seen before, customers who buy them are often as you and have never tested another 3D pen of their life. The judgment of these people is therefore biased, and a person who bought a cheap 3D pen does not have the same expectations as a person who bought a high-end product.
For a particular it is often idiotic to buy a 3D printer, they develop at a crazy speed, and their prices are still way too high for individuals. The solution is in 3D pens that make it easy to create small 3D objects.

As with 3D printers, the market is still new, and manufacturers are continually improving their products. However, the price difference allows individuals to buy one or two to enjoy and build what they want.